CHAPTER ONE After going through a devastating breakup with someone she felt was perfect for her, Millie moved away from the keys. Before she left she was dating her best-friend, Andre, and for a while they were good. It wasn’t until she found out he cheated on her that their relationship went downhill. She tried […]

Trans is Beautiful

You see, I’m like a caterpillar🐛 who’s just gotten rid of its shell. Just like the baldhead bitches👶 and make-up-whores💅💄 need their weaves and mac, I need my needles and testosterone💉. Just like the niggas👩 who need Jordan’s👟 and LV belts to feel important, I need my testosterone💉. Just like the people who need instructions […]

Straight to the point CH3

​”Shit!” Nina hit her head on the rearview mirror reaching for her purse, on the floor of the passenger seat, feeling a little tipsy and turned on at the same time. She’s really not much of a drinker, so the liquor, and thoughts of Bishop had her fumbling hard! “And speak of the damn devil!” […]

Straight to the point CH2

​Nina being an only child, she grew up spoiled rotten. Always well mannered and very smart, but spoiled nonetheless. When her mother passed away she left Nina a gorgeous house, out on Siesta Key. A hefty trust fund and a small clothing store in the circle to look after. Her mother always told Nina to […]

Straight to the point

CHAPTER ONE “For months we’ve been good. I mean, the night everything went down, felt like heaven, but girl I-D-K.” Charlene has been Nina’s confidon since they’ve started working together at Sarasota Memorial, so of course she had no problem spilling the tea about her and Ty. “Well are y’all in a relationship or just […]